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Red Eagle

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 215 lbs.


Phaser is a solid all-around wrestler coming out of Colorado known for his seriousness and plethora of athletic kicks. He was an all-around roster man for the local Colorado Fury Wrestling for the first 2 years of his career, but an "incident" brought his world to a halt.

In January 2017, Phaser received his first title shot against a heavyweight named Ranger. Ranger was the current champion and overwhelming favorite in the match, but Phaser at some point seriously injured Ranger allowing a successful 1-2-3. The details of Ranger's injury are fuzzy; some say it was Phaser's fault, some say it was Ranger's. The only thing for certain is that Ranger's career was over, and CFW instantly vacated Phaser's new title right before firing him.

In the summer of 2017 Phaser moved his entire life, including uprooting his wife and kids, to Pennsylvania in pursuit of redemption and success.

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The Flight of Red Eagle

Denver Coliseum
August, 2016

"When I'm done with you, you're going to be nothing but a red pulp. Just some joker from Eagle, Colorado drenched in his own crimson blood!" bellowed Iso to the pop of the crowd.

Eight inches taller than Phaser, Iso was one of the true heavy hitters in Colorado Fury Wrestling circa 2016. At the time, he was just a local man trying to make his name known... to the fans he was simply known as Phaser, or sometimes Eagle in reverence to the mountain town he grew up in.

Phaser stared up as Iso in the middle of the ring clenching his fists. He knew he could beat Iso; he HAD to beat Iso if he wanted to keep moving up the ladder. In the crowd stood his wife, Kelly, and their two kids. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Kelly's face.

Her face showed concern for her husband. Her husband, Paul, was changing in front of her very eyes every night he went out there. The smiles and laughs at home were dissipating, and he was growing cold with his family.

Iso chucked the microphone out of the ring in Denver Coliseum, and began circling Phaser. The two men had been at each other’s throats for the past three shows; everyone knew that Phaser was the one picking the fight. Phaser knew how to climb the ladder of success as he had done in the corporate sector, and it meant seeking and destroying rivals.

Phaser’s efforts were paying off and he’d successfully drawn the ire of one of CFW’s biggest names, and on top of that he made Iso mad enough to throw away the rulebook.

It was a hardcore-rules grudge match.

Over the next 45 minutes the two men went move for move, using weapon after weapon. Some weapons were staged, some were improvised.

Kelly watched in horror as her husband incurred one injury after another from the bigger man. The cuts had accumulated and what was left was Phaser bleeding profusely from at least three separate cuts.

Blood, not sweat, beaded across his forehead, cheeks, neck, chest and back. Every time Phaser tried to wipe the blood out of his eyes he only rubbed more blood in off of his hands and forearms. The mat was splotched with the places Iso had slammed and smeared Phaser over the past 45 minutes.

As the match reached its zenith, Phaser stumbled toward a corner. He had just caught Iso with The Kickstarter, which almost certainly saved him from Iso’s finishing move. As Iso got to one knee, Phaser climbed the ropes for The Eagle’s Talon; a top-rope spear meant to end an opponent’s resistance.

Perched at the top of the ropes like a bird of prey, Phaser looked down and saw a pool of blood forming on the mat, but he was past the point of concern. Iso finally got to his feet and stumbled around to the corner Phaser waited.

Phaser flexed his thighs and catapulted from the top rope, and quickly braced his shoulder for impact.


The blood on Phaser’s body exploded off of him from the collision. Then another splatter of blood commenced when he and Iso hit the mat.

“This is awesome! This is awesome! This is awesome!” the fans chanted in unison, but Kelly could only gasp at the carnage. That was her husband out there; the man she had poured her life into loving.

Phaser choked and spit out blood that had been draining through his nasal passage, and slowly slipped his arm across the heaving chest of Iso who laid on his back.




Paul Timmons was changing in front of her eyes. Kelly had gotten used to him being called Phaser, but now he had earned the additional moniker.

The bloody man from Eagle, Colorado would also be called Red Eagle.

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