IGS 3 Transcription Released
Jamie James - December 5, 2017

IGS 3 has been transcribed and released on the IGS website. Click Here to check out the transcription of the event!

Now, first and foremost, the web staff of IGS would like to apologize for the missing graphics which many of you will no doubt notice. This will be fixed as soon as possible, we are experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment.

Now, on to some more announcements concerning the recent drop in attendance. General Manager John Ackerman is still unreachable for comment, but an inside source has confirmed that some announcements will be made at IGS 4 which takes place on Christmas Day 2017! Hopefully the event will be well populated with fans as Christmas Day is one of the biggest days in the sport of professional wrestling.

Thirdly, rumors are circling that IGS is once again renegotiating contracts with some of it's talent roster. Will more leave? If so who could it be? We'll be back with more information as the story develops further. Until that time enjoy IGS 3.