IGS Returns To Allentown
Jamie James - December 4, 2017

Last night IGS 3 took place at the familiar Kingdom Coliseum in Allentown, PA. Stars of the wrestling world such as Phaser, Kayden Paulton, LLB, The Lynch Consortium, Kellan Wolfe, Devilina, SDK, and the every controversial Buddy Showtime were all involved in one of the most unique nights in the history of professional wrestling.

On the heels of an unimpressive house show event, IGS 3 did not fair as well as it's predecessors drawing only 11,000 fans to the 30,000 seat coliseum the promotion calls home -- though in this reporter's opinion those 11,000 fans not only got their money's worth, but judging by their reactions they thoroughly enjoyed the show.

In other news, still no response can be obtained from CEO Michael King nor General Manager John Ackerman, in regards to their thoughts and plans to deal with the falling attendance rates at IGS Events. Is it a promotions department issue? It surely can't be the talent considering all the athleticism on display last night. More news to come on this story as it develops.

NOW! Don't fret ladies and gentlemen, our staff transcribers are in the midst of preparing IGS 3 for web release and it is expected to be available right here on the official IGS website sometime this evening. So for those of you who weren't in attendence, and for all those cord cutters out there, the full text version of IGS 3 will be ready to read soon, check back right here at the official home of IGS on the web.