Shawn Hart No Shows House Show!
Jamie James - October 15, 2017

On Friday Night, IGS held a non-televised live event in Boston, MA which marks the promotions first expansion outside the Philadelphia area. The show saw 19,000 fans fill The Garden to witness the event which featured many of the top stars of IGS including LLBKayden PaultonChris RichardsTag Team Champions -- The Lynch Consortium, and many more.

The main event of the evening was a promoted rematch from IGS 1 between LLB and Shawn Hart, but the rumor & innuendo tells that Shawn Hart failed to hit the ring. Questions now begin to surround Hart and his current position within the promotion.

From what this report has heard, fans were disappointed by the no-show but were treated to an immense battle with LLB and Kayden Paulton gaining a Pinfall Victory over The Lynch Consortium -- Current IGS Tag Team Champions -- in an impromptu non-title tag team match as a replacement main event.

Despite the wrench thrown by Hart's non-appearance, fan response was positive overall in regards to the event. Which shows that IGS is on the rise!