IGS..... TWO!
Jamie James - September 11, 2017

Twenty-One Thousand plus piled into the Kingdom Coliseum for IGS 2 -- transcript now available online here -- which saw the veteran L L B challenge IGS World Champion Malik Roland in the night's main event. The event also featured major IGS announcements from General Manager John Ackerman along with appearances by many of the worlds favorite -- and sometimes least favorite -- superstars such as David Noble, Luscious, Kayden PaultonDean McDanielMax HopperBuddy ShowtimeThe Wild Kards, and The Golden Boys -- Grandsons of the legendary Golden Glen Miller.

Fans also saw the quickly rising young grappler, Chris Richards, face off with the Colorado Native Phaser; The Norwegian strong man Kellen Wolff taking on The Night -- who represents Buddy Showtime's Conservatory of Violent ArtsBrock Metzer and Larry Agenda met in a fantastic rematch from IGS 1; And The Lynch Consortium -- current IGS Tag Team Champions -- made appearances throughout the evening!

IGS 2 was also brimming with brand new IGS superstars making their debuts; including Arzael and the self proclaimed Queen [CENSORED] In Charge, Devilina, made imapacts throughout the night.