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LIVE from the Kingdom Coliseum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

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Chapter 1

...And NEW IGS Five Star Champion.....

Michael Decker Luscious

“Good evening everyone, I am Michael Decker and to my right, as always, is the ever present and ever obnoxious Alan McTaggart.”

“Hey! Watch it, Michael!”

“Ha Ha, It’s great to be here in the Kingdom Coliseum once more for a fantastic night of profession wrestling at it’s finest. Now for those of you who weren’t able to see our special broadcast a few weeks ago, IGS crowned its first ever Five Star Champion via a single elimination tournament featuring some of the biggest names in the industry along with some fantastic young talent.”

“You know Michael, my friend Phaser has a few bones to pick in regards to the refereeing of that tournament. He was jipped!”

“Oh really, did he tell you that?”

“He doesn’t need to tell me that! I’m fully capable of… uh, of…”

“Empathizing?” Decker asked with a hint of a snicker.

“Empa-What?! No! I just know a screwjob when I see one, Michael!”

“Well I think the officials did a fantastic job and it was a competitive tournament. Folks let's take a look back…. At the Five Star Spectacle...”

The words “Five Star Spectacle” flash across the screen as a video package began to play on the tron and on the screens of those watching at home.

“Some amazing technical wrestling in this match, not mention just all around athleticism and sportsmanship between Sean Warner and Chris Richards in the opening match. This match went all around ringside, and I believe all in all they were outside for nearly a count of thirty, with both Warner and Richards breaking the referee’s ten count on several occasions.” Decker commented.

Clips of Sean Warner and Chris Richards reversing numerous holds back and forth played. As well as shots of the grapplers diving into one another from the ring to the floor.

“Here it is, the final moments, Chris Richards with the, thus far, fail proof Tiger Suplex, 1.. 2..”

“That move should be illegal, I tell you!” McTaggart Interjected.

“I think it’s a fine maneuver, Alan, and the two men had a phenomenal match. Chris Richards coming away with the victory and moving on to the second round.”

A clip of Chris Richards delivering the swift jumping left knee to the chin of Max Hopper played on screen.

“Here it is the quick semi final victory that seals the fate of Max Hopper’s journey towards the Five Star Championship..”

“I don’t agree with a whole lot that Chris Richards does inside the ring, but this… this was THE most intelligent thing he’s ever done. Get in, get it done, get out… next.”

“And I don’t agree with a whole lot of your yammering, Alan, but in this case, I’ll have to make an exception. A smart move by the youngster indeed, taking out the veteran in about 9 seconds bell to bell. And now Richards gets to take a breather and prepare for the finals.”

Clips of Phaser vs David Noble play as Decker and McTaggart discuss the second semi final match.

“You know, Michael…” McTaggart began as the referee counted the pinfall. “I can’t believe you aren’t seeing the fast count right there…”

“Nothing fast about that one at all, Alan. You can spread your rumor and innuendo all you like, but that, was a clean win by David Noble. And as you can see, those ribs have taken some punishment. He’s definitely favoring them here as he calls out Chris Richards to get the final match up… underway.”

The images on the tron swirled away transitioning through various moments of the Five Star Spectacle’s finale.

“Both men pulling out all the stops, here we saw the Frog Splash off the top by Noble. I didn’t know if he had the strength to make a cover after that one. He gets the arm over Richards.. And it appeared, as many of you know, that the match was finished. But we had some slight controversy there as Richards DID manage to kick out at the last possible moment.”

“You say that now, Michael, but you wouldn’t believe me when I told you that.”

“Well, Alan, you aren’t exactly the most reliable of sources ninety-nine percent of the time..”


“And as you can see, Vern Halloway, the senior IGS referee came down and discussed the decision and we did in fact, have a restart of the final tournament bout.”

More clips of the matches second half began to cycle across the screen.

“Here it is the closing moments of the Five Star Spectacle tournament, two Tiger Suplex’s to David Noble finally give Chris Richards the decisive victory he was looking for with the 1.. 2.. 3..”

“That damned suplex!”

“A fine maneuver from the japanese trained rookie, and a fine performance from the clearly injured David Noble, who managed to hold on much longer than most, I can only assume, would have expected.”

Decker continued, as the screen turned to black and ‘Chris Richards’ scrolled onto the tron. “That was all she wrote for the Five Star Spectacle, a championship tournament for the ages… And you winner, the NEW IGS Five Star Champion… Chris Richards. What a night it was.”

“Someone oughta tell Phaser to get in touch with that lawyer the Lynch’s keep on retainer..”

“Alan, feel free to head on to the back and have a chat if you feel the need..”

“I’d love to Michael… but I feel like the ratings would plummet if I step away from the headset for more than five seconds..”

“I’m sure the ratings would be just fine,” Decker laughed as he spoke and the scene faded to the backstage area.

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