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LIVE from the Kingdom Coliseum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

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Chapter 1

It Has Begun...

John Ackerman

The lights of the Kingdom Coliseum swirled as pyrotechnics lit the stage. In the center of the ring, John Ackerman -- General Manager of IGS -- stood in a tailored blue suit. He had a large smile on his face as he spoke.

"Welcome everyone to the FIVE.. STAR.. SPECTACLE!"

The crowd erupted, they were pumped up and ready to see the action. Ackerman took in their applause then raised a hand in an attempt to quiet them back down.

"Now before we begin, let me reiterate the rules for tonight's tournament. This is a single elimation bracket. All matches must have a definiative decision, whether it be by pinfall.."

"PINFALL" The crowd chanted, they couldn't help themselves.

"Submission.." Ackerman continued but was met by a similar chant, "or decision by referee.."


Ackerman paused for a moment, then repeated himself to appease the crowd.. "Decision by referee."


He didn't give them their satisfaction the second time. "Now, as we have announced, and I'm sure you all know.. this tournament is taking place to crown the first ever IGS Five Star Champion!"

The crowd cheered and Ackerman gave them a grin for it. He motioned towards the back as he continued.

"This tournament will feature a number of top IGS grapplers and it should prove to be an amazing evening of professional wrestling. Now... ENJOY THE SHOW!"

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