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LIVE from the Kingdom Coliseum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

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Chapter 1

The Darkness

Malik Roland

“LADIES & GENTLEMEN… PLEASE WELCOME OUR WORLD CHAMPION, MALIK ROLAND!!” Peter Greenberg screamed over the microphone to the capacity crowd inside the Kingdom Coliseum.

“That’s Gangsta” by Shyne

Hustler, bad motherfucker

Brooklyn to the rucker, Cali and back

Court cases pendin, all the blood drug money spendin

Ferrari engines leave your whole fuckin block tremblin

“Here comes the baddest man in our industry, Malik Roland!” Alan McTaggart stated with enthusiasm.

“Yes Alan that would be quite hard to argue since he’s carrying all the gold.” Michael Decker retorted.

Out from behind the curtain emerged The Mammoth dripping in gold. The now defunct PWR World Championship slung over his right shoulder, accompanied by the grandest prize in professional wrestling today, the IGS World Championship which rested securely on his left shoulder. The sight of Roland changed the atmosphere inside the coliseum, a chorus of boos rained down in thunderous disapproval.

“Not a surprise this guy isn’t a favorite of our audience…”

“These fans wouldn’t know a winner if the man came and pinned them himself Decker!” Said Alan McTaggart cutting off Michael Decker.

“Whatever you say Alan. Here comes the Mammoth!”

Malik Roland descended down the ramp towards the ring ignoring the crowd every step of the way.




The fans had a deep seeded hatred for Malik Roland for almost the entirety of his career, if one thing was a certainty the feeling was mutual. The Mammoth walked up the steel stairs, ducking into the ring he motioned for Peter Greenberg's microphone. Greenberg fearfully obliged Malik’s request.

“While you’re here, hold these for me!”

Malik Roland tossed both championship belts toward Greenberg, fumbling both championships Roland smirked and turned his attention back to the crowd.

“You people are staring greatness in the face and you have the gall to boo me? The PWR & IGS World Champion you boo?”  Roland snickered.


Before the fans could continue Malik Roland interjected.

“How typical of the halfwits who infest the state of Pennsylvania, you can only fit three words into your lexicon.” Malik Roland smiled from ear to ear before he pointed into the crowd. “Look at this paunchy sorry son of a bitch sitting in the front row. How’d you get tickets? Wait let me guess… shoveling down as many pies as you could fit down what’s left of that neck of yours?”




“Are you people referring to the guy who thinks he’s Dr. Emmett Brown? Yeah I think he’s an asshole too. In fact I think his DeLorean is double parked outside, maybe the Allentown Parking Authority should look into that.”

“Undoubtedly the man Malik is referring to is Max Hopper” Michael Decker chimed in.

“Everyone knows Max Hopper needs to be in a straight jacket Michael, the man is one egg short of a dozen.”

“What does that even mean?” Michael Decker posed to Alan.

“Don’t worry about it Michael! Hopper knows exactly what it means!” McTaggart replied.

“And that brings me to LL-”

Before Malik could finish the fans erupted into a thunderous ovation. The man nicknamed ‘The Law’ was victorious in his IGS debut against ‘The Phenom’ Shawn Hart at IGS 1. He was a former multi time world champion, most important he is the champion of the people.

“Upon arrival to the Coliseum I was told I'd be defending my championships against a live action imitation of Harvey Birdman? That's not happening tonight or anywhere in the near future. I mean come on what has this man done to deserve an opportunity for a shot at my championships, let alone being in the same ring as me?” Malik Roland pointed to both championship belts held by Peter Greenberg.

“He beat Shawn Hart last week, so what? Max Hopper has done the same thing a dozen times, and I’ve beaten both of them two dozen times over. But never you, LLB. The Law as the fans so affectionately call you, we’ve been in the same organizations throughout the years now haven’t we? As good as you are in the ring, you’re an even better politician backstage. You’ve avoided me for YEARS and now that your career is fleeting, you want your name in the bright lights with mine?” Roland continued.

“You’re a nostalgic act LL… but that doesn’t diminish the job you have because it's an important one, quite possibly the most important of them all. Even more so than selling merch, cause let’s face it we all love the hero right? You’re job is to give these people hope, to shine light into the darkness and overcome it.” Roland lowered the mic as the jeers filled the arena.

It matters not how fast light may travel, darkness shall always be there awaiting its arrival.

“I was made to rule the darkness, I am the darkness. Hit my music.”

Malik Roland’s music played over the PA system, walking back up the ramp showcasing both titles high above his head.

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