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LIVE from the Kingdom Coliseum in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

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Chapter 1

Fifteen seconds of fame, Matters.

Amelia Mazzi Kendrick Matters

The camera zoomed out from the front marquee outside the Kingdom Coliseum reading: International Grapplers Society 1. The beautiful Amelia Mazzi was outside with a massive group of fans all of which were waiting on the release of the camera-kill tickets.

“Welcome to a paramount night!” Opened Mazzi, “We are outside with these fantastic fans awaiting to get inside to see the tonight’s action packed card. I was asked to come out here to see who you, the fans, wanted to see tonight here at Kingdom Coliseum at Allentown, Pennsylvania!!” Right on cue with that cheap pop the fans all cheer.

Amelia motioned to a fan in the front wearing ghostly face paint and a Hardcore Wrestling Organization shirt. “What Grappler brought you out tonight?” Mazzi asked.

“Brock F’n Metzer! Dude has been held down too long… FREE METZER!”

The young fan screamed into the microphone before Mazzi ducked behind him to go to the next few. An older gentlemen wearing a foil helmet approached Mazzi. Mazzi shocked at how this fan looked.

“They are coming and we have to listen to Hopper before we learn the aliens are going to come and realize that aliens go hard, son! ALIENS GO HARD!” The older man looked at the skies frantically and ran off. Amelia did not know how to react but to start to laughing as she realized the camera guy was motioning her to find another fan.

Amelia scanned the area for a sane wrestling fan as she noticed someone standing holding a five-foot cardboard sign. She started to walk over to him but got caught off guard as a Malik Roland fan screamed into the microphone, “ROLAND IS GONNA TEACH ALL THESE JABRONI’S! THEY GONNA LEARN TODAY!”

She tried to dodge the screaming fans reaching the fan with the sign was almost as tall as he was. “What Grappler brings you out tonight?”

A smile beamed from the hooded fan. “Kendrick Matters.” He answered.

Confused, “I am sorry who?” Amelia responded not knowing the name. She knew every single Grappler.
The man pulled apart his hoodie to show a black and white shirt that read “Philly Proud” in cursive on the top but below that read, “KENDRICK MATTERS".

Awkward pause...

Mazzi motioned with the microphone he could say what he wanted. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw his five seconds of fame happening right now, “I am most excited to see Kendrick Matters in that squared circle. Me! I am Kendrick Matters! And I just need one shot. Takes just a spark to ignite the dynamite that is Kendrick Matters. Hashtag ignite the dyno-MITE!”

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Mazzi smiled as she pulled the microphone from Kendrick and squares up with the camera. “As you can see there is a lot of excitement not just for the fans but IGS is the place to be for any Grappler. From fans whom stare at the stars in fear like Max Hopper and fans who want to become stars like Malik Roland. Let's go back to ringside…” Amelia closed her segment with her classic smile.

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